All I can say is what a hill.  I had a terrible start to the race, I couldn’t get to the bathroom and when I finally found one on the start there was a que.  I had to wait till after the gun went off.  And then my watch bombed out and 900m into the race I had to restart my watch.  I actually loved the downhills for the race.  But the Tom Jenkins Up hill was tough.  My second lap going up the hill there was a 3 hour bus and the one gentleman assisted me in going up the hill.  They were singing a cool song.  And it stuck in my head.  All I can say is the running community is amazing and it amazes me to see how we all run as one.  I also took my New Balance 860v8 on there first long run.  Up hill they hurt my shins a little but on the down run they were amazing.  Can’t wait to run them in a little more. 

My PB on the Race:

  • Best estimated 10 mile effort 
  • Best estimated 15k effort 
  • Best estimated 1 mile effort 
  • 3rd best estimated 10k effort