Running the Chamberlain Capital Classic 21.1km  was a lot of fun even though I had only been training for 3 weeks since I started training again. I must say the race was a hard race a lot of uphills that I had to walk up.  My training buddy ran the race with me and it was really awesome to have someone on the road with me that knows my journey.  For a smallish race there was a lot of bins to throw your water sachets in and it had rained in the morning so it wasn’t so hot.  This was the third time that I had run this distance and the first time in 2017 that I had run this far.  Disadvantages of running such a long race after only training for 3 weeks is that I got shin splints and couldn’t walk for 3 days.  I had to strap my legs for the next 2 races just to be able to run.  I will be running this race again in 2018.  Well organised race.