In this post, I will show you how I got Zwift to work on my computer and using my treadmill.  People that know me know that I love technology and gadgets. And so with this in mind how do I make my sports more fun using technology.

I read in the July 2018 issue of how to up your treadmill game.  I have a Trojan Solitude Treadmill which is slightly older model comes with a Polar heart rate monitor but that is the extent of the tech on the treadmill.  So the article was helpful but my treadmill didn’t have the capabilities to sync with Zwift, however, I have a Garmin Footpod and to make that work I did the following.

First of all, you can start Zwifting Free. There is no payment required. You can download it on your PC or Mac on the download button below. Once it is installed on your computer you can create an account. At the bottom of the page you will see a step by step guide.

Download Zwift

The second thing you are going to need is ANT+ USB Stick, this USB is what you are going to stick into your computer and this will communicate with your devices to make Zwift work.  I am a Garmin fan, so the link to purchase on Garmin website is below, you can shop around on other websites.

Buy ANT+ USB Stick

The next thing you are going to need is a foot pod that has a ANT+ setting.  I have a Garmin one which I have had for a while already, I purchased my Garmin Foot pod second hand, but they are very rare to find second hand. The link to purchase a Garmin Foot Pod is below.

Buy Foot Pod
Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

The final thing that you will need to make the Zwifting journey more fun and that is a heart rate monitor. I already had a  Garmin heart rate monitor in my kit that was given to me by someone that actually inspired my fitness journey.  You can purchase the heart rate monitor on the link below, or shop around.  There is a lot of them to come by second hand as well.

Buy Heart Rate Monitor

Next Steps to getting Zwift to work.

Zwift Sign UP

Create a username and a password.

Zwift Get Started

Click on Lets Go.

Stick into the USB slot the USB ANT+ Bluetooth Device

Zwift Foot Pod Connect

Shake the foot pod / Tap your foot to activate the foot pod. Once it is active you will find it ready to connect.

Zwift Heart Rate Monitor Connect

To get your heart rate monitor to pick up on the ANT+ you will have to wear the heart rate monitor, once it picks up a pulse it will activate and show up on your Zwift account for you to connect the device.

Zwift Treadmill Devices Connected

Once your foot pod is connected it will show up on the treadmill section.  All icons turn blue to show devices connected.

Zwift What's Your Speed

If you know how fast you are currently running choose custom, otherwise select from the top.  Zwift uses this information to give you training plans that fit within your current fitness and speed.

Zwift Currently online

Once you are on this screen you will see whois currently live on Zwift worldwide, and you will be given you your next options.

Zwift Training

I love that Zwift helps you to achieve your goals, you can choose a training plan that suits your next goals.

Zwift Start Running

You can customise your avatar in your profile, once you have selected a training plan, you can start running.