Such a cold morning this morning, but such a lovely run, got my kids to run the 5km this morning with my mom. I love that the race only started at 7 am this morning and it was one of the races closer to home so I could snooze a little. One of the pro’s about this race was that is was at The Grove Mall and so we didn’t have to use a portaloo.  I had such a good run, equal balance of uphills and downhills. I started the race with the intent to hit my personal best on a half marathon, and so it was such a win to actually get a personal best. I got a little concerned at 18km when I started having a pain in my right foot, but I changed the way I ran for a few meters and then the pain went away.

There were no dustbins to throw away the water sachets and there was also one less water point in this race compared to other 21.1km races. But I would do this race again taking this into consideration.