I really enjoyed this race, it was well planned, structured race, the toilets was clean and there were enough facilities.  I like that it was a timed race. It is so nice to see familiar runners on the road.  I had a great pace, and I am enjoying being able to run 95% of the time now.  My recovery is usually about 20 secs if I walk before I need to run again.  My coach told me, that if I had to walk a minute every km on a Marathon that is 42min of walking.  That is one of the reasons I can’t qualify.  And So with this consciously on my mind, I try not to walk, keep moving and reduce the length of time I walk.

Today’s pace of 6:54 was my fasted average pace on a race for this year. I have also reduced what I run with, I don’t take a running pouch with me anymore, I put my REHIDRAT® in my back pocket of my tights and I run with the following:

First Ascent 300ml Soft Bottle
Capestorm Stash Sweatband

I have this filled with Powerade for the start of the race, and I fill it up as the race goes on with either water or if they have Powerade.  I try not to drink the fizzy drinks on the road as it makes me more thirsty.

You can purchase it at Sportsmans Warehouse  or First Ascent Online

I use the Capestorm Stash Sweatband to take with anything extra on the run. It also fits my car keys.  I started using this on the Kaapsehoop Race.  I also carry some cash in here.

You can purchase this at Sportsmans Warehouse or on the Capestorm Website

Route Profile

The Green Mileage 8 mile Route Profile

The elevation gain on the 8 miles is 103m, making the overall route profile of The Green Mileage 8-mile race manageable and fun.