I started the race 5 minutes late as I had to still get my race number. Running the 21.1km West Coast half marathon was a lot easier run than running the Cape Town Marathon.  I had started training and getting stronger. I was prepared for the distance and I know what race food will be required.  My strategy was to run walk the race, and to drink a lot of fluids. The first 10km was hard, and my body was adjusting to the pace.  Once I got into the race I started to run better.

I loved every moment of the run, the scenery was beautiful. It was a beautiful day in Cape Town, no wind.  I loved that every km there was a Dustin so no littering #runclean the water points were friendly.  The most rewarding of the race was to finish and get my medal. Seeing my husband and kids at the finish line. Once you know what your body is capable of and know that it is possible. Life doesn’t always go as planned. And training isn’t always easy. But if you want something bad enough you will make it happen.

Some Personal Bests during the race: