One of my go-to breakfasts before a run is the Jungle Oats Dark Chocolate Energy Bar it is easy to chew fuels my body, and I don’t have to prepare so early in the morning, I can just grab and go.

Running increases the need for certain vitamins, eating a banana before, during and after a run usually assists in replacing vitamins such as B6, electrolytes such as magnesium and potassium which is lost because of sweating.

Because of my hectic, work-life balance, one of my go-to supplements is StaminoGro. It helps boost my immune system and is a great supplement to use overall.  It also adds to my Magnesium intake to reduce muscle cramps.

I used to run with so many different types of gels on a run and I sometimes couldn’t stomach it.  I sweat a lot when running, someone recommended I take REHIDRAT®, electrolyte replacement solution, as it contains an optimal balance of sugars, salts, and minerals to replenish lost fluids and help prevent and treat dehydration and electrolyte depletion.  Since using REHIDRAT® while running, I don’t carry other food with me on a run. every 10km in my run I take a sachet (usually every hour).  I also drink one the night before and in the morning when I wake up for a race.  

These USN Vitablitz Sachets I take on a morning of a race, I don’t drink coffee, and Caffeine is a good go to before running, so I usually take these tablets for a quick boost.

When I am doing a half marathon or full marathon, I add in the Turbovite Vitality in the morning.  I mix it with my REHIDRAT® so that I have the extra energy that is needed for my run.